Improve your business productivity and efficiency

Take your workflows automation to the next level.

Ability meets affordability

Enhanced efficiency shouldn’t mean breaking the bank. That’s why every single Scanshare edition offers the following features:




  • Multifunction devices with SSO support
  • File system, Email and FTP monitoring
  • Mobile capturing
  • Print jobs capturing
  • Unlimited page text recognition (OCR)
  • Document zone analysis (Zone OCR, OMR, ICR)
  • Barcode recognition, separation and generator
  • Email distribution
  • File system locations
  • Document Management Systems
  • A range of cloud file hosting connectors
  • Office 365 support
  • Document printing

Scanshare Capture app is designed for:



Capture Sources

Storage Connectors

Processing Modules

Enterprise Features

  • Multifunction devices
  • iOS/Android smart phones
  • Network/local scanning devices
  • Email 
  • Local, remote or network folders
  • FTP sites PC desktop client
  • Printer client Web services
  • Network Folders
  • Cloud storage providers, including Microsoft®, Google®, Box®, Dropbox®, Citrix®
  • Dozens of content and document management system connectors
  • Email Printing devices
  • Full text recognition
  • Zonal and Smart text recognition
  • Intelligent Character Recognition 
  • Automatic FreeForm recognition
  • Optical Mark Recognition
  • Interactive document verification and approval web module
  • Accounting and billing
  • Centralized, HTML5-compliant administrator user interface
  • Digital signature module 
  • Military-grade encrypted storage
  • Clustering and load balancing
  • Authentication services 


Store packs “out-of-the-box”, integrate your existing scanning applications with the endless possibilities of Scanshare’s connectors. With the flexibility of the platform, Scanshare can streamline existing processes filling the gap with the existing third party systems.

  • Multiple capture sources
  • Full workflow designer
  • Workflow triggering and variables
  • Connector packs


The most critical part of today’s business is the challenge in managing a variety of structured and unstructured data. Scanshare Smart OCR module enables intelligent data capturing to optimize inefficient document workflows where the user still requires manual data entry.

  • No pre-classification required
  • Create patterns based on verticals (Financial, Accounts Payable, Healthcare, Education)
  • Match and validate the data with your database
  • Add data and error validation combining the Verification module

Improve your business productivity and efficiency

Take your workflows automation to the next level.