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Print queue management | Enable printing through EMR  

Secure patient information |  Traceability of job logs |  Device management



Document Security

and Compliance



  • Lack of visibility and control over who can print what and where 
  • Documents sitting unsecured on the printer tray

Secure Print Release: Keep jobs in a ‘hold’ state until the user authenticates at the printer using an ID card, access card, or even biometrics.

Watermarks and digital signatures: Physically identify print job ownership.

  • PHI leaving your site without any form of traceability
  • Insufficient compliance with privacy legislation

Find-Me Print: Users send jobs to one print queue, then conveniently collect them at the nearest printer.

Badge authentication: Secure your devices with User Authentication via a touch screen or card reader at the MFD.

Make printing easy

and efficient



  • Staff wastes time finding which printer their jobs go to
  • Scan processes are complex and inefficient
  • Staff struggling to set up and/ or print from tablets and mobile devices

Mobility print: Allow users to print with the freedom and simplicity the devices they're using were meant for.

Print Deploy: Take the complexity out of print queue deployment by getting the right driver and right print queue to the right person in the right location, automatically. Push the correct print drivers and print queues to roaming users, all automatically.

  • Difficulty maintaining security while keeping mobile printing flexible
  • Difficulty catering to the printing needs of staff who travel between departments and facilities

EMR integrations: Listed in Epic’s App Orchard, but PaperCut MF also works with other major EHR/EMR systems.

Scalability: PaperCut supports customers with over 4,000 printers and 350,000 users; whatever the size, it scales.

Cut costs and tighten budgets



  • Difficulty knowing where the costs are coming from and how to reduce them
  • Staff print carelessly and immediately recycling print jobs

Tracking: PaperCut’s logging features help you understand printing at the level of interest, such as by user, printer, group, department, office or shared account.

Automatic built-in reports: Gather and interpret print activity (by user, printer, department, etc.) via built-in and customized printer reports.

  • Current IT members are overworked and need help
  • Wanting to avoid hiring more staff to manage the print environment

Secure Print Release: Minimize careless and wasteful printing.

Find-Me Print: Reduce IT overhead of print queue maintenance.

Print Deploy: Save time working with staff to setup printing

EMR Integration

With new Epic compliance and further Cerner support, hospitals and healthcare providers now have strong print management features like secure printing, Find-me printing and print log tracking.

  • PaperCut, in consultation with Epic, has built a web service that allows PaperCut to receive jobs from the Epic Print Server (EPS)

  • This module is applicable and palatable for SME organizations such as clinics, through to large enterprise style hospitals.

  • This module is required for Epic Systems installations post 2018 (this is a majority of their install base)


Top 5 advantages 

of Epic integration 

  • PaperCut is an official Epic partner
  • Our app is approved by Epic as a third party output management app
  • Accepts print jobs from EPS, and sends them to the local queues
  • Showcased in Epic App Orchard gallery
  • Standalone installer
  • Works with all PaperCut MF versions
  • App instance per EPS
  • Read user information in print stream
  • Link included PaperCut license file and will need to be enabled by Epic

PaperCut Epic App

Epic Printing Types

Hosted and managed by



External (Epic)

External (Epic)


Frontend printing

Backend printing

Frontend printing

Backend printing


Works out of the box with PaperCut MF

Epic app + PaperCut MF

  1. Printers can now be managed and controlled inside of PaperCut  
  2. Find-Me/Secure Print Release will provide accountability and security 
  3. Lock down MFD to only authorized users, providing compliance to regulatory standards like HIPAA 
  4. Decrease printers listed in EPS; using Find-Me you will not need engage Epic support as much for changes  
  5. Ability to utilize Print Deploy tool to provide end users the correct print queue 

Rules Based Routing

Define and optimize your print policies with rule based printing. Support your organization in eliminating waste and changing user behavior or suggest more cost effective devices and options based on conditions.


Mobility Print

Empower employees to discover and print to any printer with no tech assistance using PaperCut MF. Use Mobility Print to track BYOD printing in a snap or head straight to the cloud. Send your documents right to Google Drive, Dropbox and more with Integrated Scanning.


Online Dashboard

The online admin dashboard see who, what, when, where and how users are printing. 

Secure Print Release

Enhance device security with managed access to your MFD’s via user ID or building access cards.

End-to-End Encryption

Security from the device to the print server, the print server to the printer, and the printer to the user

Over 80 Reports

Detailed reporting from user to department and everything in between

User Authentication

Verify the identity of users by using a username and password, pin number or by swiping a card

Integrated Scanning

Integrated MFP scanning to email, home folder and cloud storage

Scan to Cloud Storage

Send documents straight to Google Drive or other cloud services.

Site Servers

Insures continuous availability of printing resources to key business functions

Find-Me Printing

Print once and release your job at any printer

More PaperCut Features

Since 1837, The MetroHealth System has cared for Clevelanders’ basic health needs. See how PaperCut MF stopped wasteful printing and helped save millions of dollars.


Card Readers

Designed to use your existing card system for applications beyond physical security. Our devices work with nearly all proximity technologies. Prox Series readers provide error-free identification for over 300 million physical access proximity cards worldwide.

Secure Access With Just One Touch

Confidently control access to your documents and devices with fingerprint scanning technology.

Reliability. Availability.

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