Turn your data into business intelligence.

Don’t bury yourself under a mountain of spreadsheets, systems, and databases. Why bother with the headache? ACDI Analytics pulls in all of your disparate business data and displays it in an organized,
easy-to-digest, and elegant dashboard. With powerful, customized filtering options, you'll see your data like you never have before – the way you want it. That's business intelligence.

"You can only manage what you measure."

At ACDI we use multiple software suites – CRM, Accounting, Support, Marketing, Project Management, Shipping, etc. all with repositories full of data about the 10,000+ companies we've worked with over the past 25 years. But how could we compare the data from different suites? Is our support ticket response time affecting our net promoter score? How are sales call volumes trending with our net new license rates? And how are we performing against industry benchmarks? We had all the information, just not in the same place. That's why we created a dashboard, an analytics dashboard, all of our data in the same place filtered the way we want it in a visual way that's easy to understand. Believe us, it made all the difference.


Maybe you've heard us say this before,but once we actually put it into practice we realized there's never been a truer statement.

It worked so well for ACDI that we couldn't keep it a secret, so, here it is –
ACDI Analytics. We know it'll work for you too.

We connect to 100+ cloud and desktop software suites. Because when all your data comes together, it’s a beautiful thing.

Let your data tell a story

Analytics Hub is a powerful platform for better productivity in your business. View real-time data in a way that’s easy to digest so you can take action. Easily create a customizable, interactive dashboard to track company KPIs, departmental goals, project milestones, and more. Reach deep into every facet of your operations and get meaningful business intelligence.



We're Your Chief Data Officer

Data Pipelines

Use as many of our 200+ custom built connections to collect your data from any place. The ACDI Analytics platform makes it easier to be successful.

Store your data in one location for all departments to use collectively. With better organization and accessibility comes better efficiency.

Filter your data with custom fields, properties, and algorithms so the insights you receive are relevant to your business. Cut out the clutter for better insights.

Tell a better story with your data. Use visualization to help everyone in the company understand and act on data insights quicker and and in a more efficient manner.

Cloud Data Warehouse

Data Analysis

Data Visualization

Analytics Add-On for Comon Software Suites


Real-World Usecases

Analyze and predict the insurance reimbursement cycle and amounts based on procedures


TracK marketing campaigns to measure effectiveness and delivery of value to patients and providers


Track patient volumes to predict staff optimization and hiring needs based on census and industry trends





Is ACDI Analytics right for you?

Find out what big data can do for your organization. Get better insights into where your money is being spent and discover potential new revenue streams. Let ACDI show you.