FileSight: Enterprise Search Solution

FileSight will find and index it all, whatever the format, structure or location. FileSight’s search technology saves time, streamlines processes, and provides value far beyond a simple document search. Rapidly deploy FileSight today and realize immediate value.

FileSight leaves your content exactly where it is and makes it instantly and securely available to all your users. FileSight adopts whatever security schema you already have in place (including Microsoft Active Directory) to ensure users can access only the content they’re authorized to see.

No IT overhead of moving, migrating or converting a single piece of data. No need to burden users with preparing, organizing and tagging files in advance. No custom coding or complex integration required. With FileSight, you can rapidly deploy and realize immediate value. You can drop FileSight in anywhere and it’ll find data everywhere — on servers, clouds and hybrid infrastructures. It just works!

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